Facial Treatment 

A. Basic Facial + Ultrasound Eye Massage 

B. Diamond Dermabration Facial + Ultrasound Eye Massage 

We have four choices of treatment:

C. Ultrasound Facial + Ultrasound Eye Massage 

  • Ultrasound treatment: 

1. Removes dead skin cells, smooth wrinkles, treat pimples, and clears the skin complexion

2. Alleviate acne and help remove wrinkles

3. Improve metabolism, promote blood circulation, stimulate the nervous system, and cell function

4. Enhances the blood circulation, let the skin smooth

5. Deep cleanse and moisturize

6. Enhance skin texture, anti-wrinkle, helps fight fatty areas


  • RF Facial treatment:

1. Effect by short term treatment and reshape the outline of face

2. Increase blood circulation and metabolism

3. Improve absorption of cream and lotion, and decrease acne

4. Effect by long term treatmen and tighten skin, and decrease fine wrinkles. Stimulate collagen cells and increase skin flexibiility


  • Microdermabration treatment:

1. Exfoilators

2. Skin Revitalizer

3. Skin Rejuvenation

4. Pigmentation Correctors



D. RF Facial + Ultrasound Eye Massage 

Terms and Conditions:

*Facial treatment only for female

*We use Ristra Skin Care products which are developed by dermatologist (min. allergic reaction)

*We use Indonesian authentic products, Wardah/Mustika Ratu/Sari Ayu for shoulder and arms massage 

*We only use gold peel-off mask which is registered in BPOM

*All packages include ultrasound eye massage to reduce tiredness, dark eye circle, and to hide eye wrinkles 

*All packages are using high frequency technologies to prevent irritation, and reducing pimples, which regenerate cells

*Treatment approx. 90minutes 

*10 packages + free 1 package (with the same treatment, can't be handed to other person)

*Once in three weeks for best result

*Diamond Microdermabrasion Treatment can't be applied to people with diabetics, laser treatment, and sensitive skin 

*Additional Rp 35.000,00 for hand smoothing treatment

*Free drinks: Ginger tea, ginger milk, green tea or lemon tea

*Treatment with appointment, please contact receptionist for futher information 

*Operational Time: 0800 - 1800